Monday, December 14, 2009

Ten Years

Hard to believe, it was ten years ago that i started learning computer in NIIT.
It was a Life-altering move, and providing a base knowledge to draw from.
In 1999, Everyone was freaking out over the infamous "Y2K" bug.

There was only one cafe in our "Guruvayur ". (now everywhere we find one).
Still i remember the dialing ring from the modem.

So am just trying to make a list which was not there on that time.

1, No Twitter, No Orkut, No face book,(Can't even imagine how we survived :) )

2, No Ipod, No Iphone

3, No Adobe Creative suite… It was all still separately released.

4, No ajax, I was not aware of CSS also. hmm :(

5, Remember the word "Shockwave Plug-ins".

6, No Safari, No Firefox, No chrome. Netscape Navigator was battling with IE.

7, Alta Vista was the popular search engine.

8, No google maps, No Gmail.

9, No transparent PNG's. only JPEG or Gif

10, Blogs? whats that?

Who knows what will arise within next ten years?

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