Tuesday, January 5, 2010

something official

Hey, This time i would like to write about something official. :). Its about ma workplace and work style. Here it goes...

I've been normally head in to office at 9:20 every morning. I take 15 minutes for checking my personal mails, twitter, Orkut, personal blog (I don't post every day. Still). Then i get back to ma official ID hmm.

I forgot to tell about ma rocking place. Its called Quintet solutions. Young, Vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic team. I am sitting at the most beautiful part of our office. Its in third floor, near the glass window. I can see the running and changing world in every seconds. I really enjoy the time with a coffee near by the window. Can't explain... Its awesome.

After reading the mails, I just keep my mind blank. Thinking about the assignment, how to to do it and all. Sometimes scratch or drawing something in ma note pad. Then i open my favorite software Photoshop. Start pushing the pixels to UI or a fantasy. Yah. some times i do out of syllabus designs where i can have a crazy design thought. Almost times its come up with an in-house designs for Quintet. Sometimes i delete those if am not satisfied.

I spend most of the time to sharpen the skills, reading blogs and learning new technics related to design, so i can increase my productivity. I spend another good portion of my day thinking about how to make things less complicated. Think more, design less.

when am designing, i browse so many things and play music. I hate getting calls in office timings.

I love to make logos and give the description for logo.
I love pitching. I love to read a lot about UI designs.
I love to speak about designs and colors. I love to take seminars and share the ideas on designs.
I like to have coffee when i design.
I love my job because its my passion.

Even though i have no inborn talents in drawing or painting. Still, I do illustrations and painting. I have the Taste, passion and mindset to hard work.

I usually go for lunch at 1:30. After lunch, I get a little lazy. I like to read in the middle of the day, to give myself a break or i watch tutorials or interesting video games which inspires me a lot. After 3, mostly i get more busy with ma work to complete ma assignments. I consciously try to use the tricks which i learned on that day. So i can complete ma work on time.

After 6, i get busy sending a mail about what day's work. This is also the time which i spend to read some international news, Blogs, entertainment news, just screwing around on internet, which I think is really important.

I switch off my computer between 6:45 to 7:00.

That completes Mozart's missing link. :)

( Do you think, I stopped. Nope.

Somedays i get ideas in night. so i just visualize in my own way. No clients mails, no suggestions.. I design only just for my satisfaction Do you know its really wonderful time. You can see that digital paintings (i call them "digital paintings") in my orkut profile. I really want to say thanks to thedifferenz who gives the laptop for some time. Thanks a lot dear.)

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